Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy credited Bucks Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s leadership in getting an important opioid bill on the president’s desk.

 Bipartisan legislation introduced by Fitzpatrick to combat the opioid epidemic was unanimously passed in the House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon. The Responsible Education Achieves Care and Healthy Outcomes for Users’ Treatment (REACH OUT), H.R. 5796, will ensure that prescribers have the necessary tools for preventing prescription drug abuse.

 “Knowledge is power in combating America’s opioid crisis,” said the majority leader.  “Because of Brian’s tireless work, more prescribers will be able to share best practices for prescribing these highly addictive substances. I am grateful for Brian’s leadership to get this bill closer to President Trump’s desk and into law.”

The Reach Out Act will direct the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to work with eligible entities, including Quality Improvement Organizations, to engage in outreach with prescribers identified as clinical outliers to share best practices following evaluation of their prescribing behavior.

Fitzpatrick noted: “Fighting back against the opioid  crisis requires a clear and bipartisan approach that responds to the real-world concerns expressed by local lawmakers, community leaders and healthcare professionals across the country. 

“Today, the House acted  to ensure that our medical professionals possess the latest tools for preventing prescription abuse, including non-opioid pain management,” said Fitzpatrick.    -PW