This morning a high-speed accident occurred on Bath Road in Bristol involving two vehicles, causing both cars to catch on fire.

The accident carried into neighboring driveways, taking out a parked car in its path, as well as a mailbox, and part of a porch.

An eyewitness to the accident who asked to remain nameless, when describing the scene stated, “Both cars were totally on fire. If the fire department didn’t get here when they did, both these houses would’ve been on fire”

Luckily, the fire department did arrive at the scene in time to prevent the fire from spreading

The eyewitness said of those involved in the accident, “He seemed to be okay, she was pretty messed up though, the girl.”

She also claimed this is already the 4th accident on this section of Bath Road in the last 12 months:

“There needs to be a light there…. By the time they get to here they’re doing 85-90 miles an hour”

Fortunately, both drivers survived the incident and, while sustaining significant injuries, should walk away from the accident relatively healthy given the circumstances.

WBCB’s Jackson Stermberg contributed to this report.