When walking into Mignoni Jewelry, customers are immediately greeted with freshly made iced tea, cookies, and a smile. Mignoni operates as a “Full Service” jewelry store, where they cater to all types of customer needs, including the creation of custom jewelry, selling fine stones and pieces from all over the world, and toting Irish memorabilia.

The store is run by Rosemarie Mignoni Szczucki, and her sister Carol Mignoni Ferguson. Their mission has been to carry on Mignoni’s deep rooted history.

Locally made honey sits in Mignoni Jewelry. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

“When my father was in the Navy, he was in the South Pacific in World War Two,” Rosemarie said. “He wrote home to my mother and said Carolyn, buy a store on Mill Street. We’re going to open a store.”

Carol and Rosemarie’s parents both grew up in Bristol, and both worked hard within their community. Their mother, Carolyn, worked in the retail industry, and their father, Carmen, worked as a watchmaker through college. In 1947, Carmen and Carolyn Mignoni officially established their spot on Mill Street, and the store has maintained its original location for 72 years and counting.

The couple had six children, and started bringing the kids into the store at a very young age. Rosemarie and Carol recall their days as children, enjoying their time in the store with their family.

“We literally grew up in this store, it’s always been a family affair.” Rosemarie continued, “We’ve lived here, we’ve worked here, and we’ve played here.”

The Mignoni sisters want to relay that same family feeling to all of their customers. The Bristol community has always been an asset to their business, and they consistently work with other local businesses for the community’s greater good.

Two customers explore Mignoni Jewelry. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Carol and Rosemarie are current residents of Bristol, and they believe in the strength and authenticity of their town, their community, and their store

“You can’t do a small business without having community,” Rosemarie said. “We love to help people.”

As long time teachers in Bucks County, Carol and Rosemarie aim to use their education experience to broaden their horizons as a jewelry store. Alongside authentic artisan jewelry pieces, the store also sells locally made honey, courtesy of Rosemarie’s husband, literature on the Irish Potato Famine, and hand-made figurines from Byers Choice, a local Christmas shop.

Mignoni Jewelers is open Tuesday and Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. To learn more about Mignoni Jewelry, check out their website here.

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.