For nearly 4 decades, the Langhorne Coffee House in Historical Langhorne has been serving some of Bucks County’s best coffee, and some unique bites to match.

The very building the coffee shop is in has been around roughly for 300 years, and the coffee shop for 37. The previous owner ran the spot for 12 years, and turned it over 5 months ago to current owner Tim James.

“It’s a coffee shop, but it’s also a breakfast joint,” said James. “It has legacy and a standing.”

The Langhorne Coffee House is warm, intimate, and comfortable. Customers are greeted with smiles, waves, and some great recommendations. The coffeehouse is deeply rooted in the communities they serve, ensuring that their coffee, bread, and other products are all locally sourced.

“One of our former owners is a coffee roaster here,” said James.

Besides the historic appeal, James says there is another advantage to the building being almost 300 years old; almost no Wi-Fi signal gets through.

“You go to restaurants these days and everyone is sitting there focused down six inches in front of them. Not really conversing, not really discussing. But here, we’re able to do that and really interact.”

The Langhorne Coffee House supports the Peace Center, a facility dedicated to de-escalating situations with justice and peace in the area. The coffee house also works with the Langhorne Borough Business Association (LBBA), assisting in community activities, charity events, festivals, and other various Langhorne happenings.

To find out more about the Langhorne Coffee House, head to their website, and be sure to check them out on social media.

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.