JB Bakery in Historic Burlington City, New Jersey has been serving its loyal community and beyond for over 60 years.

Since 1952, JB Bakery has been churning out some of the freshest and best baked goods in the region, catering to almost every holiday, event, and farmers market.

Photo by Sam Foxwell.

“I want to make sure our community gets to try these traditional holiday favorites,” said current owner Stephen Simon. “I really enjoy working with this community.”

Right now, JB’s is in full Mardis Gras mode, whipping up and selling King Cakes, Faschnacts,
and and other holiday treats left and right.

The Faschnact, in particular, is a classic Mardis Gras/JB specialty, with customers demanding the treat year round. It is a decadent German potato doughnut typically served around Lent.

When this time rolls around, Stephen Simon and his crew know they’re about to sell out of Faschnats and King Cakes.

JB Bakery is also famously notable for their doughnuts, tiered cakes, pies, cupcakes, italian
cookies, fresh breads, and even coffee. B’s is also notable for their consistent contributions to the communities that love their goods so much.

“I don’t like throwing food away. If I have any leftovers, the soup kitchens get it. It’s one of our heartfelt missions that nothing gets wasted,” Stephen Simon explained.

To learn more about JB Bakery in Burlington City, check out their website or Facebook page.

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.