Feature Friday: Got Wine? in Bristol Borough

Jayne McPherson-Young stands at her counter. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Bristol Borough is known for their unique, ever-growing local business environment. Got Wine? Is a local favorite spot for Bristol Borough natives.

Established in October of 2011 as the first ever wine shop in Bucks County, Jayne McPherson-Young created an engaging environment revolving around a deep passion for wine and an even deeper passion for her community. Jayne is an avid lover of all things wine, and has experience in the wine industry working for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s wine division.

Photo by Sam Foxwell.

When Jayne moved to Bristol Borough 24 years ago to raise her family, she knew she wanted to open up a business. McPherson-Young was drawn to the closeness of the community, and the local business culture that dates back several decades.

“When you have no combined money, what are you gonna do? You move to Bristol Borough and buy a row home,” Jayne said. “Bristol is a connection to everything.”

When describing her shop, Jayne said, “We don’t want to be a bar. We want to be a lounge.”

The shop is focused on savoring each drink, which is why there is a 2 drink cap for customers coming in. Jayne insists patrons sit down, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine with others.

The shop offers 22 different types of wine, homemade mixtures of wines, and their
famous “Wine Slushy,” which has captured the hearts of people throughout Bucks County.

Local beers, ciders, and spirits are also available for customers to enjoy. All of their wine is organically farmed and provided by Buckingham Valley Vineyards, a local Bucks County wine producer. Jayne insists on the importance of small businesses working together within and for the community.

“You have to give back to the people who put you where you are now.”

Got Wine? is open seven days a week, and hosts all types of events ranging from pop-up shops to local jewelry makers to a medium who hosts galleries for patrons. Kayla Faith has been conducting scheduled readings at Got Wine? for several years, and relates the positive reception from customers and businesses to Jayne.

“Jayne works so hard and she’s been involved in Bristol for a long time.”

Got Wine? is located at 483 Pond Street. The shop is welcoming of all customers, whether they’re from Bucks County, New Jersey, or the California vineyards!

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.