Feature Friday: Cramer’s Bakery in Yardley Boro

Cramer's Bakery
Cramer's Bakery in Yardley Borough. Photo by Sam Foxewell.

Cramer’s Bakery has been a Bucks County and Trenton favorite for over 75 years. Starting in 1943 in a Trenton basement by the current owners’ Father, and now located in Yardley,
Cramer’s continues to be a staple for all things sweet.

“Cramer’s Bakery has been in the same family since 1943,” said manager Linda Burlingame.

Cramer's Bakery
An assortment of baked goods on displays at Cramer’s. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Tom and John Cramer currently own the bakery, and continue to follow the Cramer family tradition. The bakery specializes in extravagant tiered cakes for all occasions, classic pastries, seasonal pies, every type of cookie imaginable, and much more. Some fan favorites are the petit fours, high hats, and donuts.

All the recipes being used are the same ones passed down from the very beginning of Cramer’s in 1943, and most of them are muscle memory for Tom, John, and the staff.

“Most of the recipes are committed to memory,” said Burlingame.

Cramer’s makes goodies for any occasion, party, dinner, or religious service, and they actively serve all communities in the area. The bakery donates to St. Andrew’s Church, caters to local synagogues, is Kosher Certified, and donates leftover food to women’s and homeless shelters.

“Once a month, Tom gives a birthday cake up to the homeless shelter,” said an associate.

Cramer’s believes in giving back to the communities that serve them day in and day out.

“It’s a great little place to work,” Burlingame said.

To find out more about Cramer’s Bakery in Yardley, be sure to check out their website!

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.