The Lower Southampton Township Police are asking for the public’s help to identify bandits who have repeatedly targeted the Staples in Feasterville in a quest to steal office equipment.

A female suspect acts as a door opener for the crime. Photo via Crimewatch.

At around noon on both August 19 and August 25, the thieves entered the retailer on 93 East Street Road with a blue sedan waiting as an escape vehicle. Police say the coordinated efforts may involve up to four individuals.

The suspects have stolen more than $690 worth of office equipment from the store.

The first identifiable suspect is a white female who allegedly kept the automatic door open to allow the robber to escape more easily.

The second suspect enters the store for the first time (left) and the second time (right). Photo via Crimewatch.

The second suspect, who is a white male, is seen entering the Staples on both occasions in different attire.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lower Southampton Police at (215) 357-1234 or submit a tip on Crimewatch.