In Feasterville, a man lived with 11 former Amish girls and their mother for three years. His Old Street Road home sat nearly 500 feet away from a busy intersection with no stop-light off Street Road.

A 52-year-old man gained the trust and respect of an entire 16 member family. He became their educator in school and religion and regularly interpreted their dreams.

The Stoltzfus’ consist of two parents and 14 children in total. The once smaller family met Lee Kaplan in 2002. One year later and shortly after the tragic death of their son or brother, they decided to leave the Amish community. The family split after a few relocations throughout Lancaster, Chester and Bucks Counties. By 2013, five of the Stoltzfus’ lived in Lancaster County and worked to prepare a home large enough for all of them. The rest, all young girls ranging in ages 5-14, and the mother lived with Kaplan. Two of the Stoltzfus males abandoned their family due to disagreements during this time.

The Stoltzfus parents “gifted” their daughters to Kaplan to rid of financial debts due to exiling their Amish lifestyle. Eventually, Kaplan “spiritually married” six of the girls to use at his sexual expense. He managed an affair with the mother of the family. He had two children with the oldest girl so, “their bloodline could be strengthened.”

He was a resident of Feasterville for nearly 30 years, sexually abused the Stoltzfus girls for a decade, and “brainwashed” an entire family.

In June 2016, Lee Kaplan and the Stoltzfus parents were arrested and the eight children were kept together in child protective services.

From June 16-18, 2016 the home received a Bucks County Children and Youth ‘risk and safety assessment’, a full police and K-9 search along with detailed pictures for the record. The two-story, three-bedroom house had two chicken coops, a multitude of canned goods, a closet of candy, an “elaborate train set” in the basement, one king-size bed and a number of air mattresses.

In October, after District Attornies and Bucks County Detectives assigned the case questioned the girls there were additional charges filed.

In June 2017, after a five-day trial and a more than five-hour jury deliberation the man, once seen as a “prophet of God”, was found guilty of 17 sexual assault related charges.

Lee Kaplan will be a name to go down in Bucks County infamy and the Stoltzfus family a question of why or how.

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