The Family Service Association of Bucks County has successfully completed its first week of a new adult-focused curriculum designed to help families recover from the opioid crisis. The “Families in Recovery” program is a free option for parents who need help bouncing back healthily

Chief Community Program Officer Dan Miringoff says the program its not a perfect cure-all, but should serve as an important step in the process.

“This is one of the many initiatives to deal with addiction, substance abuse, and recovery,” Miringoff explained. “It’s one of the strategies that the state is using to help attack this opioid epidemic and the drug use that’s going on.”

Recovering from addiction presents a difficult enough challenge for anyone on its own, as does parenting. These workshops hope to help someone balance being there for their child with maintaining a successful recovery.

The meetings may have started a bit later than the intended date of Jan. 17. But the goals for its seven two-hour sessions have not changed.

“We promote healthy parenting, communication styles, develop healthy coping skills for parents and modeling self care,” said Miringoff. “And there’s a component or two involved in this curriculum that really talks about coping with the guilt, shame, and stigma of substance abuse.”

The “Families in Recovery” program includes the 12 step principles of recovery along with other separate ideas.

Any parent who is currently addicted or wants help staying clean can contact Julia Thompson, Family Strengthening Programs Coordinator, at She can also be reached at 215.757.6916, ext. 225 or 215.519.2953 for registeration or to learn more.