Twelve members of the Falls Township community have the honor of graduating tonight in front of the Board of Supervisors from the Citizens Police Academy.

Thanks to the instruction of Officer John Yeager and other members of the Falls Township Police, the dozen graduates have completed thirteen weeks of informative, but still enjoyable, training.

“It’s a great sense of accomplishment when you can impact people in a positive way,” Yeager said on Speak Your Piece Tuesday. “I’m towards the end of my career, I’ve got a couple more years to go, and I want to make a difference in this community. I want to leave an imprint here with our agency, and I believe in doing these programs, that shines through.”

Officer Yeager instructs a student on field sobriety. Image via Facebook.

The students ranged from early twenties through senior citizenship, but regardless of age photos on the Falls Township Police Citizen Police Academy Facebook page show everyone learning and having a good time. Some classes are more serious than others, and the last week Officer Yeager decided to tie in everything they had learned throughout the course.

“Our last class was a ‘Shoot Don’t Shoot’ where we have videos we made and we give them a cap gun,” Yeager explained. “They have to watch the video and decide, in a split second, do they shoot or not shoot.”

Attendees get hands on experience with crime scene investigation, use of force, scenarios, and a K-9 unit. Most recently, Yeager has added a case study on the Diane Corado investigation in which police dedicated two years to proving her murder.

Citizens Police Academy is a yearly program held each fall and is open to applicants throughout the Lower Bucks area more than 18 years old. The course is for anyone who truly wants the experience.

For more information, people can reach out to Officer John Yeager with the Falls Township Police at 267-716-2893 or email him at