Falls Township Police Host Children With Down Syndrome

Older brother Jesse, 11, helps Shane with the radio while Wyatt works the sirens in the driver's seat.

Two young boys with down syndrome visited the Falls Township Police Headquarters Friday morning to meet officers and have the full experience of a police vehicle.

Shane and Wyatt Waksmunski are 9 year old brothers from Carbon County. They proudly own a collection of police badges.

The Waksmunski family stands in front of a police vehicle with the Falls Township Police Department.

Ofc. Michael Parnes reached out to the Waksmunski family through Facebook after seeing an article about the boys’ police badge collection.

After some play time on the police vehicle equipped with sirens and radio, Parnes pulled out the big-ticket item – a poster board with 11 police badges from municipalities throughout lower Bucks County and one from Toms River, NJ. Shane and Wyatt quickly embraced the board with excitement.

“What they’re doing is awesome, I think it’s great,” Parnes said. “Not only for the police department, but for trying to raise awareness for down syndrome. We deal with different types of people every day on the street.”

“I think it’s great awareness for something like this. It’s a way to interact with them on a different level. And obviously they had a lot of fun doing it this way”

The Waksmunski family in the Falls Township Police Department Headquarters.

Their dad Eric Waksmunski helped the brothers grab wrist bands with “Down Syndrome Awareness” to give to officers and reporters. As his boys played around the car, Eric’s smile never wavered.

“I’m happy. I think this is good,” Eric said. “This is good not only for us and our kids, I think it’s good for the police department and the community. It helps to spread awareness about down syndrome and special needs in general. I like it, this is exciting.”

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Jesse is arrested by his brother while Ofc. Parnes questions what charges he faces.