Falls Township Issued Subpoena In Investigation

The sitting Falls Township Board of Supervisors. From left: Jeff Boraski, John Palmer, Jeffry Dence, Jeffrey Rocco and Brian Galloway.

Law enforcement officials have served a subpoena to Falls Township, sources told WBCB 1490 over the weekend. Another local news outlet has also reported similar information.

The subpoena requests documents over the past six years. However, the township has changed its records keeping system during this time period, according to insiders.

Sources informed WBCB 1490 law enforcement agents have also been going to local businesses in the township recently asking questions related to the investigation. They say it may be linked to a story published by this news organization last year.

WBCB 1490 reached out to Falls Township for comment before 9 a.m. Monday morning but received no response. This organization was waiting for response until Tuesday morning before publishing the story.

LevittownNow reports it did receive a response from a spokesperson saying, ““Falls Township has no comment.”

While sources gave this news organization names of people likely targeted by the investigation, WBCB 1490 will not publish these names at this time.

Several law enforcement agencies at the county and state level are involved, according to sources. LevittownNow reports the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office is involved, though WBCB 1490 could not confirm this information.