The Falls Township Board of Supervisors has taken steps toward securing a grant for adaptive traffic signals along several roadways. At Tuesday night’s meeting, the board unanimously approved the use of an engineering consulting firm to complete an application.

The idea is to install adaptive traffic signals along Lincoln Highway, West Trenton Avenue, and Oxford Valley Road. These roads can often see heavy backup during peak hours.

Signals in tune with up-to-date patterns can adjust to current traffic patterns. This will help prevent those annoying moments when lanes with no cars in them get the green light while other lanes have to wait.

Project Manager at Remington & Vernick Engineers Derrick Kennedy speaks at Tuesday night’s meeting. Image via Falls Township Board of Supervisors.

Project Manager at Remington & Vernick Engineers Derrick Kennedy addressed the supervisors at the meeting. Kennedy discussed a conversation with PennDOT about a similar project in Middletown.

“They were talking about the benefits while testing it at the time,” Kennedy said. “And they were seeing reductions in traffic, emissions reductions, and good positive stuff. We thought, if opportunity presents itself, it’s a system we might want to expand into Falls Township.”

Remington & Vernick Engineers will complete and submit the application to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commssion at a maximum cost of $4,500. If Falls Township’s application is accepted,┬áCongestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program will cover 80 percent of the costs of the final project.

The 20-page applications are due June 28, and Falls anticipates feedback by late October.