The Falls Township Police are cracking down on rolling stops as many people refuse to stop their cars before entering route 13. Officers ticketed seven people in a two hour span Saturday for more than $140 each.

The Falls Township Police alerting the public about safety rules why they’re in place.

Police say on Facebook the ramp from Route 1 North to Route 13 South is a high accident area and the leading cause is failing to stop for stop signs.

TMA Bucks Executive Director Steven Noll says if there’s a stop sign instead of a yield, it’s for a reason.

“It’s a safety measure because having a yield would lead to people basicall merging in high speed traffic,” Noll said. “You have a recipe for disaster right there, that’s a high speed accident waiting to happen.”

But Noll does understand the concerns motorists have about some traffic signs making roads more dangerous.

People commenting on the Falls Township Police Facebook against the stop signs. Click to enlarge.

“People often times don’t like them. I’ve been in instances myself where I really hate the stop sign,” Noll said. “Because then you find yourself having to accelerate onto a busy road way from a full stop.”

Importantly, most on-ramps for Route 13 used to have yield signs. These were changed to stop signs because motorists had trouble merging properly, causing even more accidents than there are now.

“If there’s not enough room to actually check traffic before you hit the main line of the roadway, yeah they’re going to put a stop sign there,” Noll explained. “While it may not be ideal in the opinion of many, it’s definitely safer than people effectively having to blindly shoot into traffic.”

Personal preferences aside, motorists must follow the rules of the road; failure to stop at a designated stop sign is a 3 point penalty.