Falls Police Car Hit By Van During Traffic Stop

Lt. Whitney's vehicle after the collision. Photo via Falls Township Police.

“Move over for stopped emergency vehicles,” reads a sign on Route 13. But a dashcam mounted on Lt. Nelson Whitney’s Falls Township Police vehicle shows one van did not move over.

“I just got struck from the rear,” Whitney told dispatch Friday morning.

A relevant sign sits less than half a football field away from the site of the crash, seen in the distance. Photo via Falls Township Police.

The lieutenant had just pulled a Volvo to the side of the road for a traffic violation. Both vehicles were sitting down the road from the Route 1 north on-ramp to Route 13 south.

With people frequently ignoring the posted stop sign, this area is notorious for violations. The Falls Township Police Department specifically targeted this on-ramp for enforcement earlier this year.

Whitney was sitting in his vehicle at the time a van careened into it.

The collision scattered pieces of both vehicles throughout the roadway. A huge gash in the side of Whitney’s vehicle is a sign of what could have happened if the officer were not inside his SUV. The other vehicle was totaled.

Fortunately, no one was one injured. Video of the incident is below.