Falls Approves Lot Changes For 1-Million-Square-Foot Warehouse

A rendering of the coming Stalwart Equities warehouse on East Post Road.

The Falls Township Board of Supervisors has advanced plans to eventually build another one-million-square-foot warehouse.

Stalwart Equities received approval to take nearly 11 acres from their next-door neighbor, the Rogers Foam Corporation on East Post Road.

Attorney Robert Gundlach, representing Stalwart, said the sale would benefit both parties. With the additional land, the Stalwart would have 95 acres total to use.

“It’s land that they don’t need and so they are selling it for what they consider to be a very fair price,” said Gundlach of RFC. “They’re going to take those funds and put it back into their business.”

A rendering of the coming Stalwart Equities warehouse on East Post Road.

Stalwart President Samuel Wachsman said last year the warehouse would serve as storage space for up to four tenants.

“The applicant intends to use that land to build a secondary access. Not for trucks,” said Gundlach. “Either for cars or emergency access to Post Road.”

The recent lot line change approval is one of the final barriers before construction on the warehouse can begin. However, the supervisors still need to approve the developer’s land development plans.

Stalwart representatives said once complete, the warehouse should support 500 employees. Township officials said the project would generate $1,037,000 in local taxes, including $963,000 for the Pennsbury School District.

Using land in Lower Bucks to build warehouses for storage has become increasingly popular in recent years. NorthPoint Development is investing up to $1.5 billion to transform the Keystone Trade Center.

NorthPoint spent $160 million last year to purchase 1,800 acres of land from US Steel at the formerly named Keystone Industrial Port Complex. The Missouri-based developer is building several one-million-square-foot warehouses for tenants, potentially including Amazon, Chewy, or Walmart.