Falls Township is continuing to fight against Canadian Geese in its local Community Park after a successful campaign in 2018. The Township Board of Supervisors has approved another year of anti-geese measures for 2019.

Canada Geese

When the municipality began its efforts against gaggles of geese, the residents could expect more than 200 of the birds during peak hours. Falls budgets about $27,000 annually for managing them, and workers used every cent at first.

Now, S&S Wildlife Control Services President Rick Shadel says roughly 100 geese visit the park at most.

“There will always be a need for some level of management at the lake,” Shadel told the Board of Supervisors. “We’re not getting night pressure from the birds.”

Better yet, with less birds to manage, costs are going down as well. Falls only spent $14,868 in 2018 on anti-geese services.

The Board has again approved $27,200 for geese control at the Community Park in a 4-1 vote. Supervisor Jeff Boraski was the only dissenter.

S&S will take similar action to previous years in 2019 in its 10-month hazing effort. Noise, lasers, and lights will drive geese out of the general area while a 10-week plan with Border Collies will be used for more specific work.