Falls Adds “Stop Means Stop” Signs Near Parks

A "Stop Means Stop" sign at the intersection of Vermillion Drive and Viewpoint Lane in Vermillion Hills. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Falls Township has added “Stop Means Stop” signs beneath stop signs at three intersections near parks throughout the municipality. Designed to make streets safer near where kids play, these signs are a quick, but firm, reminder to make a complete stop.

New signs have been installed near parks at the following locations:

  • Vermillion Dr and Viewpoint Ln in Vermillion Hills
  • Alden Ave and Valley Rd near Valley Day School
  • Penns Grant Dr in Morrisville

This is not the first time Falls Township has emphasized the importance of coming to a complete stop. Police ticketed seven motorists in a two hour span for making rolling stops from Route 1 North onto Route 13 South.

Whether there is an extra reminder or not, a ticket for not stopping at stop signs will end up being $142.50 and three points.