Fairless Hills Woman Wins Free Kanga Roof Holiday Giveaway

An overhead drone shot of Kaci Rickert's new roof. Photo via A. Brooks Construction Kanga Roof.

A homeowner in Fairless Hills has a brand-new roof thanks to A Brooks Construction Kanga Roof bringing Christmas a little early.

Kathleen “Kaci” Rickert is looking forward to a life without any “drip, drip, drip.”

A resident on Trenton Circle, Kaci Rickert worked as a hospice nurse before catching COVID-19 twice last year. Like other “long haulers,” she’s been dealing with the long-term effects for 17 months.

Before the pandemic, Rickert helped put together the Bucks County St. Patrick’s Day Parade as members of the parade committee. “We just loved doing the work,” said Rickert.

Kaci Rickert stands in front of her new roof with the Brooks brothers and mascot Joey. Photo via Kanga Roof.

Plus, her roof has needed repairs since Hurricane Sandy in 2012. The storm took her shed, damaged part of her home, and caused nearly a decade of leaks.

So, Kaci’s family nominated her for Kanga Roof’s annual Holiday Roof Giveaway. Her story stood out to the team at A Brooks.

Abe Brooks, owner at A Brooks Construction Kanga Roof, and his crew got the job done Monday morning. They showed up at 7 a.m. and were finished by noon.

“Her roof definitely needed to be replaced,” said Brooks. “She fit the bill for everything that we look for: doing community service, something that happened to her by no means of her own goodwill, and she’s continuing to fight through it.”

Rickert said even just knowing the roof is taken care of is making a world of difference.

“The immense relief I have to begin with is going to do a lot for my health. I’m not anxious, I’m not worried,” said Rickert, visibly relaxed.

Brooks gave the project a rough estimate of about $10,000 to $15,000. But for Kaci, it’s completely free.

“It’s really when someone has fallen ill or fallen on bad times. And most of the times it’s health because it’s no fault of their own. Things just happen. We really look for someone who has done other things in the community, helped other people.”

And Kaci couldn’t be more pleased with the results. 

“I had a great experience. Professional, quick. You wouldn’t know except for a beautiful roof that anybody was even on my yard,” said Rickert. “They did a great job, they really did. I have zero complaints and all gratitude. And I wish everybody a Merry Christmas.”