Rolling Hills Elementary School is on the brink of closing,  according to several officials meetings, but hundreds are not as quick to give up on the 46-year-old building.

A “Save Rolling Hills Elementary School” online Facebook group has been created.

Gina Yarnall, a Council Rock School District parent, created the group for, “a unique school community and hope… to keep a thriving school in our district.”

The group currently has 603 active followers.

There are various links on the Facebook page to a sign a petition, attempting to make Council Rock School Board officials’ answer questions about the school closure.

The petition has 313 active supporters.

To that degree, Thursday evening, the Northampton Board of Supervisors voted 5-0 to do what they can to keep Rolling Hills open. The Supervisors have plans to draft a formal resolution to the Council Rock School District.

The elected officials said the close would be a, “negative impact on the Northampton Township as a whole and to the residents.”