Expansion Approved For Falls Twp Defense Contractor

A render of the future expansion. The current structure is dark tan, while the addition is light tan. Photo by Rick Rickman.

A defense contractor will be expanding its facilities after receiving approval from the Falls Township Board of Supervisors. Located at the intersection of Korsge and Canal Roads, Kampi Components Co, Inc. ships materials to the U.S. military.

Kampi Components moved into Falls Township in 2000, after residing in Bristol Township for 15 years. Founder and President Al Goodman told the board he only had two options.

Kampi Components Co, Inc. in 2012. Photo via Google Maps.

“We just flat out need more space for storage, for staging, for crating. Our business has grown over the past bunch of years. We’re very blessed,” Goodman said. “The alternative to building onto the existing structure would be to move out of the township. We prefer not to do that. A lot of my people live in the area, we’re very comfortable here.”

Project Engineer Vince Vervanti laid out a render of the expansion to the supervisors. The addition would cover 11,000 square feet, roughly a 7 percent increase. This plan would include more parking, new landscaping, and a revamped storm water basin.

Kampi Component’s website lays out the business’ stated mission:

“Our mission is to be the leading supplier of durable goods to the U.S. military by providing highly efficient supply chain solutions such as effective contract administration and military packaging services.”

Goodman briefly spoke with WBCB after the approval. While he said a good portion of the business deals with classified information, he mentioned Kampi supplied parts to several high-tech vehicles.

Most recently, Kampi announced a $4.5 million contract on Aug. 16 to provide 1300 Armored Vehicle Periscopes.