A former Morrisville Ambulance Squad treasurer has been convicted of insurance fraud and stealing more than $100,000.

Local resident Ruth Rookstool, 59, is finally facing justice for her part in a scheme with ex-squad Chief Brian Eckert. The two conspired to use company credit cards for personal use between 2011 and 2018.

The Morrisville Ambulance Squad Building on North Washington Street. Photo by Rick Rickman

Eckert, 42, testified against Rookstool as part of his plea agreement, made back in July.

Between thefts directly from the Morrisville Ambulance Squad and falsely enrolling in the squad’s healthcare coverage, the pair stole a collective $132,000.

“The jury returned a quick and thoughtful verdict,” said Deputy District Attorney Marc J. Furber. “We’re pleased that we were able to bring the Defendant to justice and we look forward to seeing her held accountable at sentencing.”

The Morrisville Ambulance Squad ceased operations in Sept. 2018 once the scheme began to unravel. Morrisville Council voted to incorporate Capital Health as the Borough’s ambulance response unit. Fortunately, the innocent former squad members were able to join the new unit with Capital Health.

Eckert is scheduled to be sentenced next week, while Rookstool’s sentencing has been deferred.