Ecoremedy Facility Roof Partially Collapses In Overnight Fire

The Ecoremedy treatment facility in Morrisville after the fire. Photo by Rick Rickman.

Investigators are still trying to pin down the cause of a large fire at the Ecoremedy facility in Morrisville turning biosolids into energy.

Fire crews respond to the Ecoremedy blaze. Photo via Yardley-Makefield Fire Company

The Ecoremedy facility on Riverview Avenue caught fire shortly after midnight early Monday morning. It’s located on the same property as the Morrisville Municipal Authority’s wastewater treatment plant.

When fire crews arrived to the scene, flames were pouring out through the roof. Quickly, a corner of the building began to collapse.

Less than an hour later, first responders had brought the situation under control. However, other units stayed at the facility until 4 a.m. securing the building.

Smoke caused significant damage to the building, with scorch marks visible in the brighter day lights.

Ecoremedy President and CTO Mooney told WBCB the company was planning to hold tests this week at the facility to prove to locals the facility is clean. These tests, as well as general operations, have been put on hold.

A sign out front of a home in Morrisville near the Ecoremedy plant. Several signs like it are scattered throughout the neighborhood. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The cause of the fire is still unknown.

“Ecoremedy is working with the Morrisville Fire Marshal to determine the cause of the fire,” according to a statement from Ecoremedy.

Construction on the relatively new sludge conversion facility began in 2019. It boasts using a “Fluid Lift Gasification” process to “reduce the biosolids’ volume by up to 96 percent.”

The facility is controversial among local residents who complain about its impacts on air quality.

While the plant is located next to the borough’s wastewater treatment plant, the fire did not impact service to anyone in Morrisville. Authorities report there were no injuries.