The Department of Environmental Protection has issued an intent to deny Elcon’s proposal to build a toxic waste facility on the Delaware River in Falls Township.

In a letter made public Wednesday, the DEP outlined deficiencies the found after a 10 month technical review. It serves as an additional blow after Falls Township rejected Elcon’s land development proposal last month.

Roughly 550 people came out in mid-April for the Elcon public meeting.

“After a rigorous review of the application, supplemental materials submitted by the company, and input from the public, DEP will not approve this application in its current form,” said DEP Secretary Patrick McDonnell. “Unless the company can address these outstanding deficiencies, DEP will have no choice but to move forward with a full application denial.”

The DEP made sure to clarify this is not a final decision; Elcon can resubmit their plans one final time.

There will also be a time for public comment from June 1 until July 15. People can email their concerns to, and each comment will be “reviewed and addressed in a public document.”