Decline In New Coronavirus Cases In Bucks Over Easter Weekend

A map of coronavirus cases in Bucks as of the evening of April 12, 2020. Image via Bucks County.

The number of new cases per day in Bucks County began dropping over Easter weekend. This comes as 191 people have recovered from coronavirus in Bucks so far.

There were 68 new cases Saturday, then 59 new cases Sunday. This is a sharp decline from last week, which saw multiple days in a row with more than 100 new cases. The county total now sits at 1,220.

Bucks Director of Health Dr. David Damsker says there is virtually no community spread at this point. Almost all new cases are among healthcare workers or those living in congregated settings, like nursing homes.

30 congregated living facilities in Bucks have at least one case of coronavirus. But health officials say the minimal new cases outside of these environments show the impact of social distancing.

“This is working,” said Damsker.

The highest concentration of cases is still in Lower Bucks. Eight municipalities have more than 50 cases. Tullytown has zero active cases as of Sunday night.

However, there are still 86 Bucks residents who are in the hospital with COVID-19, and 24 are in critical condition. 10 people have died since Friday afternoon, bringing the death toll to 38.