The Foundations Community Partnership has officially been supporting Bucks County for 10 years.

The non-profit organization’s mission is to help the special needs youth in the area by providing specialized programs. The Foundations Community Partnership (FCP) also provides professional training workshops, and grants to fellow non-profits through direct funding, capital grants, technical assistance support or at times emergency funding.

“We are very proud of the work we have done and always look for new, innovative ways to make an impact in the community,” said Ron Bernstein, Executive Director of the FCP.

Bernstein has been with FCP since the start in 2007. He was the former CEO of the Foundations Behavioral Health hospital, which is now a full profit health care company. The funds from the sale of the hospital were used to kick start FCP’s philanthropic mission, Bernstein explained.

“The leadership team from Foundations Behavioral Health switched over to the FCP.”

The Foundation has since raised more than $4.2 million in grant funding through Bucks Innovation and Improvement Grants (BIIG), Captial Grants, Technical Assitance, Partnership in Youth Services, and Target Funding.

The Foundation’s most recent technical assistance grant, worth $7,500, went to the James A. Michener Art Museum located in Doylestown for a new facility master plan.

The grant will allow them to explore expansion options focused on educational programs and better accessibility, said Lisa Tremper Hanover, Michener Art Museum Director CEO.

“The FCP has a real clarity of who and what they invest in in this community,” Hanover spoke on behalf of the museum, “we are delighted that we are one of those organizations.”

Hanover plans to hire a professional and discuss the possibilities with staff, the board of trustees and community investors to come up with a docket by the end of the year.

Credit: Tracie Van Auken
(From left) Executive Director Ron Bernstein, Associate Director Caroline O’Connell and Senior Consultant Dr. Dan Weldon stand in the office of the Foundation Community Partnership in Doylestown on Wednesday, Dec. 14, 2016.


The Doylestown non-profit provides year round assistance for the special needs youth of Bucks County.

In the past 10 years, more than $150,000 in scholarships provided nearly 200 students in the pursuit for a degree after high school or at Bucks County Community College. Students who attend BCCC can earn college credit over the summer with a partnership program.

“The kids really learn a lot about the non-profit world,” Bernstein explained. “They roll up their selves and get involved.”

The FCP’s Summer Youth Corps allows students to intern at other Bucks County non-profits. This summer 14 students interned at various locations including Libertae in Bensalem, Gilda’s Club in Warminster, the Churchville Nature Center, and Lower Bucks’ YMCA and YWCA.

The summer program has seen more than 140 students total.

In addition, FCP focuses on the professionals who care for the special needs youth in Bucks County.

“We see ourselves as trying to be a catalyst for improving our community and providing ongoing training for professionals and educating the next group of concerned citizens to learn about non-profits.”

FCP holds 5 to 6 professional educational workshops a year, this way psychologists, social workers, counselors, etc. can receive the appropriate credit to maintain their licenses.

“It’s been a tremendous labor of love,” Bernstein added.

“I think we have figured out some very creative ways to support non-profits in our community and the young children they serve.”