Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) and Democratic opponent Scott Wallace are preparing to face off tomorrow at Bucks County Community College. Hosted at the Lower Bucks Epstein Campus, Moderator Bill Pezza will start the debate promptly at 12:15 p.m. with the first of nine topics.

Though the political climate is tense, 2017 Bristol Borough Person of the Year and Professor Bill Pezza will be moderating the event. Pezza wants people to know he has never lost control of the candidates as a moderator.

“In all humility, not when I’m moderating,” Pezza asserted. “I’m serious, we set the tone. From the candidates, there’s always been a high degree of civility.”

Moderator Bill Pezza says hosting a good debate is all about finding a balance in the questions.

“With the issues facing us today, I’d like to take 75 hours,” Pezza said. “It’s hard, you’ve got 75 minutes to ask these guys the kinds of things broad enough that we get big ideas from them, but also specific enough that we get some drilling down on important issues.”

Congressman Fitzpatrick tells WBCB he’s looking forward to confronting Wallace in a public setting.

“He claims that he doesn’t like the new tax code, but he’s not willing to show us his tax returns showing people like him were the ones benefiting from that old tax code,” Fitzpatrick said as an example. “These are all discussions we need to have, and we need to have it in full view of the voters.”

Scott Wallace also wants to use the debate as an opportunity to spread his message and attempt to tie Congressman Fitzpatrick to President Trump.

“I’m looking forward to this debate, I know Bill will be a great moderator and it will be substantive discussion on the issues. These conversations are vital to highlighting the issues that matter to the voters,” Wallace said in a statement to WBCB. “And to highlighting the key differences between me and our current representative who has voted with Donald Trump 85% of the time and is beholden to the corporate interests and billionaires funding his campaign.”

The BCCC debates are known for being the largest venue for congressional debates in Bucks County. It will be the first time Wallace and Fitzpatrick meet following an incident Sunday when Wallace used an expletive under his breath on the ‘bimah’ in a synagogue debate.

Tune into tomorrow’s debate broadcasting live at noon on WBCB 1490 AM and video streaming live on