The Bucks County District Attorney’s Office has charged a third round of suspects with passing through the PA Turnpike’s tolls without paying. Affidavits allege the individuals collectively made more than 630 trips and racked up a bill of more than $21,000.

Christian M. Rodriguez, 41, of Willow Grove. Image via Crimewatch.

While none of the four suspects are from Lower Bucks County, the DA explicitly states they used tolls in the area to access the Turnpike. Additionally, they all drove on a suspended license at some point, according to authorities.

The DA’s office set a precedent in August 2018 when it arrested the first round of alleged toll dodgers. It coincided with PA Turnpike Commission Chief Compliance Officer Ray Morrow beginning to turn over frequent offenders to authorities.

“Most Pennsylvania Turnpike travelers pay their toll bills and violations on time, but a few extreme scofflaws are ignoring hundreds of mailed notices and simply refusing to pay what’s owed,” Morrow said in 2018. “We have partnered with prosecutors across our toll-road system to pursue theft-of-services charges and recover unpaid tolls from chronic violators.”

The following individuals face charges.

  • Christian M. Rodriguez, 41, of Willow Grove, allegedly made 186 trips totaling $8,018.40.
  • Tatyana Yarmolyuk, 37, of Green Lane, allegedly made 136 trips totaling $5,300.56.
  • Torr J. Robinson, 33, of Philadelphia, allegedly made 252 trips totaling $5016.10.
  • Shirley Chaplin-Sowell, 39, of Philadelphia, allegedly made 65 trips totaling $2,850.05.