Croydon residents finally have temporary solution to their post office problems. The United States postal service opened a mobile unit in front of the Croydon post office to serve Croydon residents whose post office closed due to fire in August.

After writing a letter mid-November prompting action, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick announced the USPS is taking action. Julian Johnson, Government Relations Representative for the USPS, responded to the Congressman with a letter updating him on the situation.

The letter sent to Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick from the USPS. Click to enlarge.

“U.S Postal Service Headquarters Facilities Officials advise that a temporary postal unit will be in place early next week to serve our Croydon customers,” Johnson wrote. “We are unable to provide a definitive timeline for repairs at this time.”

“This is welcome news from the United States Postal Service,” says Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick. “I am thankful to Postmaster Brennan and her staff for their attention and prompt response to this matter. We will continue to closely monitor the status of repairs.”

Croydon residents had been directed to use the Bensalem Post Office following the closure this past summer. Now, they have a more convenient, local option.

“While the closure of the Croydon Post Office has temporarily disrupted service for local residents and small businesses,” Fitzpatrick continued. “I am confident that this temporary facility will mitigate further interruption, especially with the holiday season upon us.”

WBCB’s Manny Jones contributed to this post.