A Croydon man is facing federal charges for allegedly engaging in weapons trafficking and sending guns to an island nation in the West Indies.

Prosecutors say Thomas Harris Jr., 27, sent or attempted to send 38 firearms to St. Lucia.

Harris allegedly bought multiple guns at a time on 12 separate occasions from two gun stores in Bucks County. However, he used a fake home address when filling out federal forms, according to authorities.

When he acquired the firearms, Harris then allegedly used the alias “Lance Brown” to ship the firearms overseas. He listed the packages as containing household items instead of their true contents, according to the indictment.

The indictment says investigators intercepted one of his packages on St. Lucia. It contained:

  • seven Glock pistols,
  • one Ruger pistol,
  • two AK-47 pattern pistols,
  • two AK-47 pattern rifles,
  • two AR-15 lower receivers,
  • two AR-15 upper receivers,
  • ten high capacity Glock ammunition magazines,
  • seven additional assorted ammunition magazines,
  • 815 rounds of ammunition.

Authorities allege Harris conducted these illicit transactions from April 2019 through February 2020.

Then, Harris traveled to St. Lucia in March 2020. Federal agents arrested him at an airport when he arrived back in the United States in July.

First Assistant United States Attorney Jennifer A. Williams announced the charges Wednesday. She serves with the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

“As alleged in the Indictment charging him with firearms trafficking offenses,” said Wiliams, “Harris has a brazen disrespect for our laws meant to regulate and monitor the sale of weapons.”

“After sending his most recent shipment of guns overseas he also left the country for a few months, but all that did was postpone the inevitable. If you are charged in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania with a federal offense, there is no place to hide, here or abroad. We will not rest until we find you and hold you accountable.”