A Croydon man is facing potentially decades in prison for child pornography charges, according to authorities.

Patrick Shaknitz, 29, is currently in federal custody. The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania announced Shaknitz’s arrest Tuesday.

“As alleged in the Complaint, Shaknitz is a depraved abuser of children who multiplied the impact of that abuse by sharing images of it over the Internet,” said U.S. Attorney William McSwain.

The investigation into Shaknitz began in November 2019. At this time, federal agents began communicating with an individual online.

They allege the individual, who went by the username “intoeverything1991,” was distributing videos and images of child pornography.

“One such video depicts an adult female in a dark blue face mask molesting a minor child,” according to a statement from prosecutors.

As they continued talking with the suspect, “intoeverything1991″ revealed more details. As talks continued, the user explicitly described abusing children.

When federal agents checked the IP address and other information of the user, they allegedly traced the account to Shaknitz.

“These children will have to deal with the impact of this abuse for the rest of their lives,” McSwain said. “We can never make them fully whole again, but we can bring them some measure of justice by investigating and prosecuting the people responsible for stealing their innocence.”

Shaknitz is charged with one count each of distribution and attempted distribution of child pornography. If convicted, the maximum sentence for these crimes is 20 years in prison. The minimum sentence is 5 years imprisonment, lifetime supervision, and a $250,00 fine.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated this case.