COVID-19 Hospitalizations Drop As Cases Spike In Bucks County

A map of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bucks County.

Just seven people are in the hospital with coronavirus in Bucks County as of Thursday evening. This is nearly half the total of 12 from just earlier this week.

However, cases increased over the past three days with an average of 37 positives per day. The culprit was a spike on Thursday with 57 new cases in a single day, according to county health officials.

Still, this is the lowest number of hospitalizations in the county since March 25. Bucks reported its first case of coronavirus on March 10, just two weeks earlier.

Despite the spike in cases Thursday, Bucks Department of Health Director Dr. David Damsker is viewing the results positively.

“It’s very encouraging that our hospitalization numbers continue to drop. That, to me, is the real factor to watch,” Damsker said. “Case counts will continue to fluctuate up and down for a long time to come, but they start to matter less and less if people aren’t getting seriously ill.”

Many of the recent positives came from new cases in long term care facilities. Of the past three days’ 111 reported cases, more than half were residents or staff at these facilities.

Community spread remains low throughout the rest of the county.

Bucks has tallied a total of 7,457 confirmed positives with 6,579 patients making full recoveries. As 519 residents have died due to COVID-19, this means there are 359 confirmed active cases in the county.

Many of these cases are located within Lower Bucks, as seen on the above map. However, each map contains the same disclaimer:

“There are many more undiagnosed cases in Bucks County than are shown on the map.”