COVID-19 Cases Decline After Two-Month Summer Spike

Bucks County Director of Health Dr. David Damsker speaks at a coronavirus press conference.

COVID-19 cases in Bucks County are finally on the downswing after two months of rapid increase.

New cases remain relatively high at a rolling average of 134 per day as of Tuesday. Still, it marks more than a week straight of decline from the recent peak of 163 on August 30.

The summer spike in cases began in early July. Daily cases had dropped to the single digits at the end of June, but almost immediately rose again after the Independence Day holiday.

A graph of the seven day average of COVID-19 cases in Bucks since the outset of the pandemic. Via Bucks County Department of Health.

Meantime, Bucks health officials attributed a total of 10 deaths to the virus for the month of August. They counted two more for the first day of September.

Since the outset of the pandemic, Bucks has totaled 57,080 confirmed cases, plus another 8,871 probable cases. A total of 1,349 are attributed to COVID-19.