Voters trickled into polling places yesterday for the primary election, and decided on their candidates for the November general election.

After 10 candidates threw their hats in the ring, the tickets for Bucks County Court of Common Pleas are set. With all districts reporting, three candidates from each column will move on.


  • Denise Bowman – 24593 votes
  • Allen Toadvine – 19324 votes
  • Grace Deon – 22,687 votes


  • Jordan Yeager – 23,251 votes
  • Jessica VanderKam – 18,696 votes
  • Charissa Liller – 24,048 votes

More democrats came out to vote for most races, though there are the same trend happened in 2018’s mid-term primary. This had little impact on the November results.

Other races for Bucks County Commissioner and row officers went uncontested. Republicans Commissioner Chairman Rob Loughery and running mate State Rep. Gene Digirolamo are partnering against Democrats Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia and Falls Township Supervisor Chairman Bob Harvie.

While Ellis-Marseglia, an incumbent, received more votes than her running mate Harvie overall, Falls Township showed different numbers. Harvie received 1,598 votes in Falls, while Ellis-Marseglia earned 1,380. This anomaly is likely a show of support from residents who appreciated the township rejecting Elcon’s land development proposal in April.