The United Way of Bucks County is in a blitz fundraiser to get $50,000 before Giving Tuesday. But the 50 grand isn’t coming from the community, it’s coming from a local couple.

Simon and Jane Hallett, of Bucks County, say they will donate $50,000 on their own as long as 250 other people make donations to the UW Bucks Community Support Campaign.

These other gifts can be big or small and each one gets UW Bucks closer to the prize.

“Together, we can change lives for good. We can provide help, hope, and comfort for the many people who need us right now,” says Marissa Christie, UW Bucks President and CEO. “Every gift, large or small, gets us closer to an extra $50,000. Every single gift counts.”

Anyone who wants to make a contribution can do so at:

The cut off date is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1st.

This blitz is designed to help UW Bucks as it is under added stress due to the pandemic. Since March, it has helped close to 40,000 more people than it would in any other year.

UW Bucks says the Community Support Campaign “creates opportunities for quality education, financial stability, and good health to ensure real, lasting change for people in Bucks County.”