Couple Offers $25,000 To “Bucks Knocks Out Hunger” On One Condition

United Way of Bucks County in Fairless Hills. Photo by Rick Rickman.

The United Way of Bucks County could get an extra $25,000 donation from a single couple, but it’s dependent on everyone else.

Simon and Jane Hallett are offering the $25,000 donation to the UW Bucks ‘Bucks Knocks Out Hunger” drive. But they’re making it contingent on 250 other people making donations as well.

It’s not the Halletts’ first time making such an offer. They gave $50,000 to the local non-profit last November after 250 other people made smaller donations.

Fortunately, the other 250 people do not have to make as big of a contribution. Their donations can be any size, big or small.

“This challenge gift is an incredible opportunity to ensure that people are not only fed but receive healthy foods that meet their nutritional needs,” says Marissa Christie, President & CEO at United Way of Bucks County. “Our hunger relief sites are serving twice as many people as they did pre-pandemic. Your support – big or small – will help your neighbors recover and rebuild.”

The blitz fundraiser ends Tuesday, July 5. If enough people have made donations by then, Simon and Jane will give up the grand prize.

Donations can be made online on the United Way Bucks website here.