The Newtown Township Police are warning residents to be on the alert for counterfeit bills. This comes as authorities are searching for two men who allegedly used a fake $100 bill to buy groceries at McCaffery’s Food Market.

Two suspects who used counterfeit $100 bills
Two suspects who used counterfeit $100 bills to make purchases in Newtown, according to police. Photo via Newtown Township Police Department.

Surveillance video caught the suspects on camera walking around the store Saturday evening. It was not until later when employees realized the mistake.

But this is not an isolated incident, as another retailer in the area says the same men tried the con at their store. Fortunately, the cashier caught the ruse and turned them away.

Police say there have been numerous cases in the surrounding area recently of shoppers using counterfeit money. They are urging anyone who works with cash to educate themselves on how to detect fake bills.

The Newtown Township Police recommends watching the video below from the U.S. Currency Education Program. More information is also available here.