The Council Rock School Board set “Board Guidelines” in 2015 on how the plan should go.

“Only redistrict students once,” Barry Desko, Director of K-12 Education, emphasized Thursday evening at the streamed Redistricting Forum.

“The proposed plan before you tonight is a two-year redistricting, but students, in general, move only one time because of the change in redistricting patterns.”

The Council Rock School District spans 70 square miles throughout Bucks County with 16 current buildings.

“An aging infrastructure and declining enrollment,” is what Council Rock faced in 2014 after a Captial Planning Report. By 2020 the school district wants to bring elementary school capacity close to 90 percent and increase enrollment numbers at both middle and high schools.

The forum presented by Desko and Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning Dr. Susan Elliot laid out the history in Council Rock, a redistricting process, transition and proposed plans.

The Jan. 11 plan was a collaboration from two parents from each school, three building administrators from each level, and five central office administrations. The committee, made of 38 members, began in Sept. 2017.

“We understand very much so that going to a new school creates anxiety and can be stressful for you as well as for your children,” Elliot addressed an almost rowdy crowd before they split up to room assignments for feedback.

The redistricting process used data from enrollment projections, housing information, building capacity, and community feedback. A consensus, with room for continued work, suggests the need to move students from South to North to better balance all levels.

Desko and Elliot’s plan includes grandfathering 7th-grade and 11th-grade students to their current feeder pattern, which will put 6th-graders redistricted to a new middle school in Sept. 2018.

The plan will essentially move about 515 elementary students. Goodnoe, Newtown, Sol Feinstone, and Wrightstown Elementary Schools will go to Newtown Middle while Churchville, Hillcrest, Holland Maureen M Welch, Richboro and Rolling Hills Elementary Schools will go to Holland Middle.

Then Newtown Middle students will go to CR North and Holland Middle to CR South.

Feedback from Thursday’s meeting which was broken up into small, concentrated groups depending on future schools will be taken into consideration, as Desko said.

“The committee will look at it, think about it…and then make additional decisions as we move forward before presenting the plan to the school board.”

The next Council Rock School Board meeting is scheduled for Jan. 18th.