Cosmo DiNardo Transferred To Medium Security Prison

Cosmo DiNardo, 20, convicted killer

Quadruple murderer Cosmo DiNardo will be spending his days in a medium security prison specializing in treating the mentally ill. Despite two mental health experts who examined DiNardo concluding they could not mount a mental health defense for the perpetrator, he is moving to the State Correctional Institution at Retreat, a prison in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Police investigate the DiNardo Farm in July 2017

DiNardo plead guilty in May to killing four young men on his family’s farm in Solebury and received four life sentences.

The prison offers services such as outdoor recreation, contact visitation, and dog training to the general population of inmates. One victim’s father, Mark Potash, said he was “beyond outraged” about the move.

However, Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Press Secretary Susan McNaughton says this is standard practice for the state prison system.

“All of the facilities we have, while they may have different levels of security, can have the whole gamut of levels of security of inmates,” McNaughton explained. “At Retreat, even though it may be classified as a medium security facility, it houses individuals anywhere from forgery and theft, all the way up to lifers. In fact, Retreat does have about 100 life sentence inmates.”

She clarified services like the ones offered at Retreat are offered at every state prison regardless of security level. McNaughton also said she is aware of the concerns victims’ families have about DiNardo’s placement, and offered this advice.

“I would like to encourage and recommend anyone who is a family member of crime victim should reach out to the Office of Victim Advocate,” McNaughton said. “There are certain rights family members of crime victims have and the Office of Victim Advocate can also help explain the state prison system to these individuals.”

If anyone has interest in contacting the Office of Victim Advocate, the number is 1-800-563-6399. Their website is also available here.