Coronavirus cases in Bucks County continue to jump as a surge is leading to more deaths and hospitalizations.

County health officials reported an average of nearly 300 cases per day last week, up from 240 the week before. This is more than 2,000 cases in a single week for a total of 14,48.

17 new deaths were tallied last week for a total of 32 in November so far. Hospitalizations have also more than doubled to 46.

Nine of these recent victims were residents of long term care facilities. Most were older than 70 years old, two were in their 60s, while another two were 33 years old.

Bucks Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker said the surge is overwhelming contact tracers. They are now prioritizing the certain age groups and environments.

“We are now moving to a more targeted response phase, focusing our efforts on schools and the elderly – areas where we can make the most difference in the community,” Damsker said.

Health Officials say 110 of the new cases are school-aged children, about a third of whom are still learning remotely and about half are enrolled in hybrid learning.

Meantime, the county will transition to the PA Department of Health’s case reporting system going forward. Damsker says this will inflate case numbers by 10 to 15 percent as county workers will be unable to make corrections. The same is true for deaths.

“We were able to reduce the COVID death numbers by removing cases in which the decedent was infected at the time of death, but whose death was not significantly caused by the virus.”

Based on last weeks numbers plus the 17 newly reported deaths, Bucks county’s total death toll should sit at 568. The state lists Bucks as having 660 deaths.