Coronavirus Cases, Deaths Drop Slightly After Thanksgiving Spike

A map of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Bucks County as of Dec. 29, 2020.

COVID-19 cases and weekly deaths in Bucks County are dropping, reaching levels not seen since Thanksgiving.

State numbers show a 7-day rolling average of 318 new positives per day, down from 380 the week before. This is less sharp than the drop from a peak of 520 in early December, but is still the lowest rate since late November.

COVID-19 cases spiked in Bucks following Thanksgiving.

This brings Bucks to 27,932 total confirmed coronavirus cases.

Case numbers spiked in the two weeks following Thanksgiving and health officials worry it may happen again after Christmas and New Year’s. Bucks County Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker is urging people not to gather for the upcoming holiday.

“Things are certainly looking better over the past two weeks,” Damsker said. “However, we could undermine some of the progress if people get together at parties for New Year’s later this week. Let’s be smart.”

The sharper drop earlier in the month was overshadowed by a large spike of 56 deaths. This is the first time this month both cases and deaths are trending lower.

Health officials report 38 deaths attributed to COVID-19 last week. This is more than the entire month of October.

So far, Bucks has recorded 154 deaths in the month of December. This is the third most deadly month since the pandemic began.

Bucks has a total of 889 COVID-19 related deaths. This is a state number and includes infected people whose deaths were not attributed to the virus.