Coronavirus Cancels Bucks County St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Bucks County St. Patrick's Day Parade. Image via Facebook.

The Bucks County St. Patrick’s Day Parade is cancelled due to the coronavirus. It joins a growing list of events being postponed or scrapped.

Each year since 1988, people look forward to the Bucks County St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Maybe most excited of all was Parade Director Angela Galloway.

“It’s that morning when it goes off,” said Galloway in 2019 about her favorite part. “It all just comes together then.”

But there will not be a parade going down New Falls Road in Levittown this Saturday. Instead of going to see Voice of the Eagles Merrill Reese wave to the community, many people will be staying inside.

Galloway announced the decision after a committee meeting Wednesday night.

“Please know that this was a hard decision to make but we felt that in the best interest of the community it needed to be done.”

Just two days ago, parade organizers were telling people to get ready for a boisterous celebration of Irish heritage. But the situation changed when Bucks officials announced the first two cases of coronavirus in the county.

Other aspects of the day are cancelled including Mass and Hoolie.

Levittown and Bucks are not alone. Other Saint Paddy’s Day parades throughout the world are being cancelled, including New York, Boston, and Dublin.