Contact! Council Rock Students Interview ISS Astronauts

Council Rock South students on stage interviewing Dr. Andrew Morgan. Photo by Sam Foxwell.

Audio from Council Rock South students making contact with the International Space Station.

Students at Council Rock High School made official contact with astronauts aboard the
International Space Station at approximately 12:56 PM on Thursday.

The event was put together entirely by Council Rock students, the Council Rock South Amateur Radio club, the Warminster Amateur Radio club, various high school faculty members, Council Rock Alum Laura Floyd, and was made possible by the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS).

“We’ve been working on this for 3 months,” said one participant.

Using a ham radio to connect, students got to speak with Dr. Andrew Morgan, an esteemed astronaut for NASA since 2013, and flight engineer for Expedition 60, 61, and 62 aboard the ISS.

“We get to speak with true explorers today,” said Assistant Science Department Coordinator Gerald Fetter.

Photo via Council Rock South Amateur Radio.

Ham radio contact can only work successfully if the recipient is in direct range. In Council Rock’s case, the ISS was directly hovering over Bucks County, which allowed the students to talk with Dr. Morgan loud and clear until they were out of range at about 1:15 PM.

Students lined up on stage with questions they had prepared in advance for Dr. Morgan. Questions ranged from advice about getting into science and space education, sustainability, what space food, specifically cookies were like, and even the physical toll of being in space.

Council Rock’s anticipated Q&A with Dr. Morgan was live-streamed on the Council Rock Amateur Radio Facebook Page for those unable to attend the event.

WBCB’s Sam Foxwell contributed to this post.