Ticketmaster is under fire for yet another ticket selling scam and the seller is facing legal action.

Chris Ermer talked with consumer protection advocate Mike Bannon Tuesday on UpWords to discuss the latest Ticketmaster’s latest scam. The online ticket vendor is facing a class-action lawsuit for coordinating with scalpers to raise prices.

An example ticket sold through Ticketmaster.

In the ticket selling world, scalpers are people who resell up to thousands and even millions of tickets for higher value than their base price. The lawsuit alleges what Canadian reporters revealed in an undercover investigation: Ticketmaster sells tickets to scalpers, who then sell the tickets on a Ticketmaster affiliated website, allowing the company to double-dip in the sale.

“Basically they fixed the system to benefit themselves financially. Anybody that tries to buy a ticket for a hot music item knows it sells out right away,” Bannon said. “It’s mostly because of these bots; they beat you to the punch to purchase the ticket.”

In the past, Ticketmaster has claimed their intent to prevent bots from scalping tickets and jacking up prices. The investigation alleges this was a farce; the company never intended to close these loopholes, and even worse, the vendor was actively involved in making sure bots were involved.

Bannon hopes Ticketmaster faces justice for their actions and taking advantage of consumers’ trust.

“They made their own bed in this situation,” Bannon stated. “Frankly, I’m glad it caught up with them and I think it needs to be resolved. I hope this time around the penalties are stiff, it’s pretty clearly deception in my opinion.”

Law firm Hagens Berman is directing the lawsuit. Anyone who thinks they have bought tickets through Ticketmaster or their affiliates can check onĀ www.hbsslaw.com.

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