As the colder weather becomes a permanent staple of the season, many people want to dispose of their air conditioners and other appliances in the landfills. Consumer Protection Advocate Mike Bannon says people instead look into other options because trash collectors won’t take them.

“We all know there’s an environmental push and it is very important. Some of the things bogging down landfills are the TV sets and electronics,” Bannon said. “But they’re trying to get better about recycling.”

“Recently they’ve implemented some fees,” Bannon continued. “No longer does your trash person pick up TV sets, you have to pay to recycle it. It’s a difficult problem, I would like to see the expense of recycling built into the expense of selling it, but we’re not at that point yet.”

Figuring out the details into what can be recycled may be difficult, but Bannon recommends contacting Bucks County and getting some help.

“I suggest anybody having a hard getting rid of something gives the County Planning Commission Recycling Coordinator a call,” Bannon. “They are a great resource to find out what and where to recycle.”

Anyone interested in getting rid of their old appliances can reach the Recycling Coordinator through the county office at 215-348-6000. More information is available on the county’s website.

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