Consumer Protection Advocate Mike Bannon joined Chris Ermer on UpWords to discuss Giving Tuesday, Black Friday and many other topics.

On a day that is notorious for giving, Mike and Chris encourage people who can afford to give to go to for information on where to donate.

The growing holiday has gained national acclaim. Last year, local Giving Tuesday efforts raised almost $200,000 for charities throughout Bucks County.

“If people can participate on giving Tuesday its a great thing, its a great process if people can afford to donate,” Bannon said. “Where we live people benefit the most which I love the most.”

Bannon also knows how stressful black Friday can be for retailers, and says that consumers and realtors must respect each other to get through the holiday season. For Bannon, it’s the little things consumers can do such as trying things on and then putting them back on the shelf so the retailers don’t have to worry about it.

Chris and Mike also discuss what could be a new way to shop. Some stores now have a feature that folks can place an order and purchase items from the store online, and have an employee fill the order while the consumer doesn’t even have to set foot in the store.

“This is a world of convenience now, we are all looking for convenience,” Bannon said about shopping online. “It might be a job creator, and i haven’t ran up against any problems in that field.”

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WBCB’s Keith Noonan contributed to this post.