The hype about the NFC Championship game in Philadelphia had Chris Ermer of WBCB’s Upwords concerned about possible ticket scams.

The Eagles and Vikings will kick off at 6:40 on Sunday, and Mike Bannon, Bucks County Consumer Protection Director, wants to ensure if you’re going you’re getting inside Lincoln Financial Field.

Bannon recalled last year’s Super Bowl when about 200 tickets were duplicated and sold to unsuspecting fans.

“They (the NFC Championship) are going to be very, very hot tickets,” Bannon said. “And you know, when these types of events happen the scam artists come out.”

Bannon said to be cautious where you buy the tickets like Craigslist.

“If you can make it down to the Linc. before the game, you can get your barcode scanned to make sure it’s legitimate.”

Unfortunately, Bannon confirmed ticket scams for big events like the upcoming Eagles game are unstoppable.

“We expect them to be out at the Linc. and at the Super Bowl, when the Eagles get there.”