In continuing his mission to keep listeners informed, Consumer Protection Advocate Mike Bannon spoke with Chris Ermer On UpWords regarding intimidating calls from people pretending to represent the Internal Revenue Service.

Bannon was pleased to report the arrest of many of the ringleaders perpetuating the scam in the United States. The investigation also accused multiple callers from India, however the foreign suspects are unlikely to be extradited to the United States for justice.

“I’m thrilled it’s happening, it is a big deal,” Bannon said of the arrests.

The Justice Department announced the arrests of twenty-one people in the United States in relation to the hoax. More than 15,000 people fell victim to the fraud to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

The deception involves computer generated phone calls dialing number after number. It leaves a message with the hope someone becomes fearful enough to call back.

“They threaten the police are going to come arrest you, charge you, and you may lose you house,” Bannon warned. “They try to scare you emotionally into doing something concerning taxes. We all don’t like it if the IRS calls us.”

While many people like to think they would not fall victim to such a scam, the advocate explains the callers manipulate their prey.

“It’s a great scam. It was very successful as far as scams go,” Bannon told Ermer. “A lot of people say they wouldn’t fall for that, but a lot of people did fall for that.”

While it would be a great stride if the arrests would prevent further extortion attempts, Bannon says this is wishful thinking. Thanks to technology, the ploy has become easier than ever before

“I don’t think it’s going to stop the scam unfortunately. It may stop a few scam artists, but these people stopped their scamming a few months ago. Just this weekend, my office got a bunch of phone calls from people that received IRS scam calls.