Straight to the source – the basic tip Mike Bannon, Director of Bucks County Consumer Protection, gave on UpWords with Chris Emer heard Tuesday afternoons on WBCB 1490 AM.

Bannon, a regular guest, was asked this past week about concert tickets Ermer purchased and was shocked when he got to the end of his online checkout.

“I think the service fees should be rolled in with the price of the tickets,” Bannon said. “Currently the system does allow all sorts of fees.”

Bannon said questions about fees such as convenience, facility, and shipping charges are standard for his office. He mentioned a class action lawsuit Ticketmaster recently settled due to two fans annoyance with paying extra money to go see Wilco and Bruce Springsteen in 2003. The men called the fees “excessive and misleading.”

In 2011, Ticketmaster reached a preliminary deal for fans to be repaid. The latest was $5 million worth of vouchers, and fans are still not satisfied. But that’s a different story. 

“Is there anything consumers can do to work around these service fees,” Ermer asked.

Bannon said he has never heard of a challenge to a company working out in a reduction to their ticket price. The Director suggests buying from the venue that is having the concert or show. Although, the venue can add fees as well.

“Every situation is different,” Bannon explained. “However I’m afraid, it’s a buyer be aware until you check out at the end.”

He said bigger names like StubHub and Ticketmaster do not typically allow arguments for fees, that is unless you want to wait 13 years like the last lawsuit Ticketmaster settled.

“Maybe at some point, they’ll be able to roll the price into one…I just don’t have a way to avoid it other than going straight to the source.”


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